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The Missing Email
Service For Domains

Consolidate all your email addresses and domains at a flat price. Take back your email liberty and give unlimited email addresses to all your projects, clients and family members.

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Batteries included. No credit card required.

NEWS: We've redesigned Migadu for you. Read the background story and what it means for you.

Standards Email Hosting

Our base offer is standards-oriented email hosting with full support for SMTP, IMAP4, POP3 as well webmail. No proprietary protocols or clients, ever.

Direct Postmasters' Support

For all your needs, you get first-hand assistance from real postmasters maintaining the system. We do not outsource our support.

Have Unlimited Addresses

We price email based on actual usage, not address space. It's your domain and all addresses on it are at your disposal at no extra cost.

No Advertising, No Tracking

Everyone in the tech business plays the advertising card at some point. We've played ours already. No ads here ever, not even our own.

Setup Concierge

DNS setup can be intimidating and cause of many problems. If needed, we can setup your DNS for email without any additional fees.

IPv4 + IPv6 Support

Send, receive and access your mails over either IPv4 or IPv6. IPv6 not only expands address space but makes the Internet more efficient.


Going off-line for a while? Setup a simple auto-responder so people do not expect an immediate answer.

Use any Email Client

As we use standard email protocols, any standard email client with non-obsolete secure communication protocols will work.


A copy of once-received messages in your Inbox can be automatically forwarded to your secondary addresses. Up to 25 of them.

Built-in DNS

A simple, straight-forward DNS is built-in and it comes with email records preconfigured for Migadu.

Bootstrapped & Independent

We are self-funded, independent and a profitable company registered in Switzerland. Our interests align with our users and not those of investors.

Here to Stay

We have been serving users worldwide since 2014. Web agencies, startups, families, NGOs and many others entrust us their email needs.

Security, Privacy, & Trust

Your emails are your own business. We have no interest in them. We do not access1, analyse2, scan or share any user data.

Continuously Monitored

We're never running on auto pilot. We monitor all traffic patterns across all domains. We often catch abuse before it happens.

Refund Guarantee

Migadu may turn out not to be for you. We offer a full refund within the first 7 days. The following 7 days we may give a pro-rata refund, after which all sales are final.

There is (way) more...

SIEVE Filtering

Filter your incoming messages using SIEVE scripts which you can manage using ManageSieve protocol. A built in editor is being developed.

Aliasing & More

Routing to your mailboxes is in your control. Support for simple or rule-based aliases is built-in.

Modern Encryption Standards

All traffic to and from us as well within our service is fully encrypted using latest standards.

Monitor Activity

Track daily activities on your email domains. Prevent abuse or data leakage by monitoring email traffic.

Functional Admin

Our administration panel is different than most you have seen. It is an opinionated application that wants to minimize your time in it, not maximize it as it has become norm nowadays.


Afraid of missing improperly addressed messages on your domains? We support catchalls, though we do not recommended them.

Built on Open Source

Migadu is built and operated 100% on top of open source technologies. We contribute to the branch we are sitting on, both financially and with code.

Multi-Admin Access

Sharing the account with multiple admins? No problem, you can even limit admins to specific domains only.

Automatic Footers

Love sending disclaimers or no-print reminders in your messages? Configure a footer and it will be automatically attached to your outgoing messages.

Got own clients?

Unlimited Domains & Mailboxes

No limits on the number of addresses or domains your account can have.

Multi-admin Access

You can open multiple administrators for your account and limit access to only selected domains.

Set Limits

Prevent quota starvation by setting limits on the domains and mailboxes.

Monitor Domain Health

If a domain DNS configuration is broken, be the first to know about it.

No Lock-In

We use only standard email protocols which means you can easily extract your data at any point in time.


All mailboxes are continuously backed up and ready for restoration in case of malware or user mistakes.

Management Panel

Our admin panel won't win any beauty contests and that's a good thing. It's built to be obvious and efficient.

We do not distract with irrelevant branding, mood illustrations, animations and noise, and let you go fast about your business.

We respect your time just as much we do ours.