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If you already have an account with us, please sign in and submit a support ticket. This will save us some time trying to link your message to an account in our system, effectively giving you an answer sooner.

Otherwise, you can always reach us at [ OBFUSCATED ]

In any case, please include all necessary information you think could be useful, such as screen shots, bounce messages, error codes etc.

Below is a list of common questions and answers which may be of instant help.

Why do my addresses have www in them?

You have added your domain into our system with the www subdomain. We certainly can support such subdomains, but this is not generally done.

Please add and configure a new domain without the www subdomain and delete the old one. We host email, not web pages.

I cannot sign into my mailboxes!

Is your domain active? Before you can start using your domain mailboxes, we require a completion of the DNS configuration on the domain.

When the DNS configuration is done, you can activate your domain from the admin interface. Activation means the domain will become email capable.

I have added domain name, but what is DNS?

To use our email services you need your own domain name. You can register an unoccupied name with the domain registrar of your choice.

Your registrar will offer you their DNS or you can opt in for using Migadu built in nameservers which comes with email DNS records already set for you.

My domain will not activate!

Have you made all of the required changes as shown in the instructions? Our diagnostics check on the domain, available under the Domain’s DNS section can provide hints on why the domain is not activating.

You are not verifying my DKIM records!

Are you using CloudFlare? Please ensure you are not proxying the CNAMEs for DKIM keys which is default CloudFlare behavior. In the CloudFlare editor, the cloud icon next to the Migadu related CNAMEs should be grayed out. If they are orange, it means proxying is enabled. Clicking on the cloud icon should disable the setting. After that you can try our diagnostics again.

If you are not using CloudFlare, have you maybe added double domain name? Many DNS editors append the domain name automatically to the value in host field.

I do not receive messages!

There are several things you should check:

I cannot send messages!

Sent messages are rejected by recipients due to DMARC!

DMARC will fail if DKIM and/or SPF fail. Depending on the policy you set in your DMARC DNS record, your messages may be rejected by recipients. Your DKIM or SPF may be missing or invalid. Please use the diagnostics check on the domain from the Migadu admin panel.

We do recommend the default DMARC policy to be “reject”, but you can change it to “quarantine” or “none” if you start having DMARC issues. You can also remove it as it is not a required setting.

How do I forward messages to external domains?

Please setup forwarding from the individual mailboxes in the admin interface.

I have forgotten my account password!

Please request a password reset link.

Where are server parameters for email clients?

The server parameters can be found in the admin interface under the Mailbox level as client instructions.

We list the most necessary ones here too. For more options, please find all services and possibilities in the administrative panel under the Mailbox level.

Service Server Port Security Authentication
IMAP 993 TLS Plain password
POP 995 TLS Plain password
SMTP 465 TLS Plain password

Where is the webmail?

It is at waiting for you.