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We have built and still build many features of Migadu with agencies in mind. If you need to provide your clients’ domains with email capability, you will find we have the right tools for you. If we don’t you can tell us and we’ll build them.

With Migadu, you can start small with our smallest plan and grow it as your clients as well requirements grow. There are no differences in capabilities between plans and you can upgrade or downgrade capacity at any time.

Instead of keeping a password booklet with all your clients’ passwords, we have built an admin panel where you can host all your clients under a single roof.

We conveniently allow multiple user accounts per organization, along with the possibility to restrict specific users to specific domains.

To prevent runaway mailboxes, we allow you to set limits on hosted mailboxes. These can be set per hour, day, week or month. When a limit is reached, you will be notified so you can take action, without blocking your other accounts.


Several users of Migadu are retailers with a staff count of close to thousand. All they needed was email for occasional communication with employees. With typical email offers around, their costs would reach a five digit price.

Instead, with Migadu, they can pass these savings on to their customers.


A great number of our users host email for their families with us. So do we privately. Migadu just works great for personal email. Our mothers, as our most loyal users, approve, but cannot be trusted.

Your whole family, friends and even pets can get their email address via Migadu at no additional cost. If your kids need email for their school project, you do not have to ask us.

While we are a bit bigger than most family businesses, we take pride in being operated as one. Founders are humble and available, at your service, and you will not be ignored no matter the size of your business.

Come on in, we’re open!


Many freelancers user Migadu as their email powerhouse. Some give their clients unique email addresses using our aliases, and some even give their projects individual mailboxes that forward to them. This keeps things clean and organized.

No matter your use case or your email routing logic, we got you covered.


When starting up a new project, funds are crucial. If you do not need the bundled tools of other providers, why waste it unnecessarily? Migadu not only provides you with unlimited address space but also can help you manage your email, your domain and DNS.

We know the road ahead. We’ve been there and we want to be the partner to you, the one we did not have starting up.


Building a personal brand online is impossible without a full control of own Internet domain. Here you will get all the tools to manage its address space.


Migadu is the go-to choice for many Non-Profits, NGOs and open source projects. Having many participants involved can see a serious budget hole made just for email. While we cannot offer anymore full sponsorship, we do offer up to 50% discount of our services for such organizations as a thank you for their efforts.


Many students choose Migadu to learn about email and play with their email freedoms. We love that and offer up to 50% discount to students.