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Configuring Apple Mail

Updated Friday, October 30, 2020


In this short guide, we make a few assumptions:

Add Mail Account

Open Settings application on the device and its Passwords & Accounts section. Tap on the Add Account button if not already opened.

Apple Mail choose provider for new account

Since standard email protocols do not have flashy logos, please choose the humble last Other button.

Apple Mail add account

We are here to add a mail account, so lets tap now on Add Mail Account.

Apple Mail new account info

Enter the full email address and the password of your Migadu hosted mailbox. Your Name input will be displayed next to your email address to recipients of your messages.

Tap on Next. Apple Mail will try to detect some settings but it will miserably fail. You will need to enter the server settings manually.

Being a typical Apple product, Apple Mail does not know how to follow standards that Apple did not produce themselves, like RFC6186 .

Apple Mail new IMAP account servers details 1

Some of the fields should be pre-filled now, if not, please complete them. For server addresses please use the ones below.

You can set an IMAP or POP3 account type in the top tab. Settings described here are for using IMAP as that is the email experience expected today by most users. Please ensure IMAP is selected by tapping it.

Apple Mail new IMAP account servers details 2

No ports or security settings are required as Apple Mail will sense the right ones.

When we said “sense”, we naturally meant brute-forcing, which is exactly what Apple Mail will do.

Tap on Next.

Apple Mail choose services for the new account

The setup is complete now and so is the battery.

Just as on desktop, Apple Mail will now ask you to which apps you want your email account linked. The Mail app should obviously be selected.

If you choose to use the Notes app with your mailbox, please remember the saved notes will be kept into your mail as an own IMAP folder named Notes. Apple Mail will hide this folder from you, while other email clients will not.