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Configuring Outlook App for Android

Updated Thursday, October 22, 2020


In this short guide, we make a few assumptions:

Add Mail Account

Launch the Outlook application on your device. If this is a fresh Outlook app installation, there are no accounts configured yet and you will be greeted with the welcome screen.

Outlook welcome screen

Tap ADD ACCOUNT to start the wizard.

Outlook add account

Enter the email address of your Migadu hosted mailbox and tap CONTINUE.

Outlook add account manually

Outlook may take its time now trying to detect correct settings. While it is draining your device battery, an option SETUP ACCOUNT MANUALLY may appear under the address field. If it does, tap on it and jump to the account type screen below.

If however the manual setup option does not appear, Outlook may wrongly conclude you are setting up a Microsoft Exchange account and will take you to the Connect Exchange screen. The autodiscovery mechanisms Outlook uses are mystery even to themselves.

To be on the safe side with Outlook, always use manual setup.

Outlook bad autodiscovery

Since setting up exchange is not our goal here, let’s change the account provider. On the Connect Exchange screen, tap the question mark on the top.

If you were wondering, that is not the help button. It is the “I am confused” button. Outlook would just not work without them.

A popup menu will appear out of nowhere and offer option to Change Account Provider which is what we are interested in. Tap it.

Outlook change provider

Now we can choose the account type. Let’s ignore the Outlook inconsistencies and just go about our business, choosing IMAP from the Advanced section.

Even though Migadu supports POP3 protocol too, IMAP is what we nowadays expect from email.

Outlook IMAP

Now we can setup the IMAP and SMTP servers for the account.

If you were wondering why you are entering SMTP server details on a screen titled Connect IMAP, you are not alone.

Set your Display Name to the name you want recipients of your messages to see as From on the message.

Both IMAP Username and SMTP Username are your full mailbox email address. The password is also the same for both, being your Migadu mailbox password.

You will most likely have to scroll down to see the full outgoing settings.

Outlook IMAP

When all fields are filled, tap on the check mark on the top right. If Microsoft decides so, your settings will be accepted and you will be taken to the Add another account screen.

In case Outlook gets funny and does not connect, please check your password first. However, some versions of Outlook have issues discovering ports so you may could try adding the port after a colon as given below.

As all magicians know, magic tends to fail and then it requires magic to fix it. Explicit configuration is always a better choice when there are only few settings.

Outlook IMAP

Someone at Microsoft believed that implies the account is correctly setup, and spared one notification.

If you want to add more accounts to Outlook, please repeat the process after tapping on ADD. Otherwise, you can skip to your Inbox by tapping MAYBE LATER.

Outlook IMAP

You have made it to your Inbox. This would be it, but we have noticed Outlook thinks you should tell the world that they should use Outlook for Android, so they pre-configured the default signature for you.

Let’s get that removed. Tap on the home icon in the top left which surprisingly opens up the side menu and tap on Settings.

Outlook IMAP

You can change the default signature by tapping the Signature option.

You are now ready to use Outlook.