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Configuring Microsoft Outlook for Mac

Updated Thursday, September 10, 2020


In this short guide, we make a few assumptions:

Add Mail Account

Launch the Outlook application on your computer.

If this is a fresh Outlook installation, there are no accounts configured yet. Outlook will immediately pop up the new account wizard. Otherwise, you will have to start it yourself. From the Outlook preferences, select Accounts.

Outlook preferences

If presented with a big Add Email Account button, you can use that one, otherwise, note the little plus under the left side column. Use either to start the new account wizard.

Outlook accounts

Now you can enter the email address of your Migadu mailbox. In the screenshots we have used the Migadu demo account, but you should replace that one with your own details.

Outlook new account wizard

Outlook will attempt to detect the account settings automatically, but that may or may not succeed.

Outlook provider choice

Choose IMAP/POP as provider now which will bring up the server settings.

Outlook imap settings

We assume you want IMAP protocol, so please select Type IMAP and enter your mailbox credentials, always using the full email address as username. Configure the server addresses as given below.

Click Add Account.

Outlook imap settings